Understanding Gambling as an addiction

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Understanding Gambling

 Gambling involves risking money on the outcome of an event in this case sports. Sports bets can be placed on 22Bet Ghana.Over the years, gambling especially online betting has grown to be a popular activity around the world despite its reputation for being improper.

Gambling addiction is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the negative effects. 

Signs of gambling addiction 

Signs of gambling addiction 

Common signs and symptoms of gambling addiction are:

  • Chasing losses i.e. trying to get lost money back 
  • Gambling to escape problem or relief stress or anxiety 
  • Lying to others (family and friends) about the extent of your gambling. 
  • Risking or losing important things cause of gambling 
  • Feeling restless or irritable whenever you try stopping gambling 
  • Trying to cut back on gambling with no success.
  • Denial

It is advisable to visit a doctor of mental health professionals any of the signs above occurs.

Risk factors 

     There are certain risks factors that are associated with gambling addiction, it can be as a result of biological, genetic or environmental factors like:

  • Mental health issues: gambling disorder often associates with bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder etc.
  • Sex: Gambling addiction tends to be more prevalent amongst men.
  • Influence: Influence from friends or family who has a gambling problem might cause you to have one too.

Prevention of Gambling addiction

Prevention of Gambling addiction 

Research shows that the best way to stop gambling addiction is to prevent it from happening. Prevention in times saves a great deal of time, money and effort. 

The following are ways to prevent gambling addiction:

  • Make a fixed budget

Before placing bets on a site, set a particular amount aside for your bet. Your budget should cover only amounts you can afford to lose. Do not borrow money to bet with the hope of winning to pay back. Remember, betting is a risk!!

  • Set a time limit

Considering how often you would like to gamble is a great step towards preventing addiction. It is quite easy to lose track of time while gambling. 

  • Do not chase your losses 

Attempting to earn back the money you already spent is the biggest risk factor for going beyond your budget. The longer you spend chasing the loss, the more likely you are to lose more money.

  • Play for entertainment 

Keeping your expectations in check helps keeps gambling fun and curtail disappointments. Gambling is a form of entertainment, it is important to keep the mindset in order to avoid disappointment after loss.

  • Understand the game 

Understand the game you are playing will help you feel in control while placing bets


It is important to emphasize that gambling is a dorm of entertainment that can easily become an addiction. 

Appropriate help should be acquired if gambling starts to gave harmful impacts in one’s life. Gambling is known to have lifelong consequences such as relationships problem, poor performance, bankruptcy, legal problems suicidal thoughts at extremities 


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