Golden tips for winning at sports betting

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winning at sports betting

#1 Avoid traps

Avoid traps

To win at sports betting, the first advice to apply is to avoid the traps that will be set for you. Basically you will have to avoid the mistakes that beginners in sports betting can make.

In sports betting there are a lot of temptations to avoid, such as the temptation to bet on small odds. Indeed, even if they seem safer, there is always a risk that they will not pass.

It is because in sports betting there can be surprises, that you should avoid small odds. Because to make up for any lost bet, you will have to chain winning bets in the process.

Another pitfall to avoid: betting on combined bets, but we will discuss this in more detail in the next chapter. Sports betting beginners should also avoid live betting.

Indeed the live betting interface is very rich, sometimes with video streaming, real-time radar and odds that go up and down. All of this can make you lose your sense of reality a little, a bit like in the stock market or casino.

This may cause you to bet on a bet that you had not planned to bet on.

If you are new to sports betting, we advise you to avoid live betting, and to prefer classic pre-match bets that you will have all the time to analyze.

Because yes, betting at random without analysis is also a mistake that you must avoid making.

Another pitfall to avoid, follow the predictions of Snapchat tipsters. You know all those who use influencers on Instagram and Snapt, and who sell you their predictions between 30 and 50 euros per month.

Unfortunately by following them you will lose twice: you will pay the high price of the subscription, and in addition you will lose money because of the bets. In short, it’s a bad idea.

#2 Play simple bets

Play simple bets

We started talking about it in the previous chapters, in sports betting you must avoid betting on combined bets. Why ? It’s simple in a combined bet, the more matches you add, the more you multiply your chances of losing.

However, it is a way of betting that is very popular with the majority of bettors. Indeed betting on a handset allows you to bet only a small amount of money to hope to win big.

The problem is that a handset has very little chance of passing. And even when he miraculously wins, the gain will be used to cover your previous losses or those that will follow.

In short, with this technique, there is no chance of becoming a winner in the long term.

We therefore advise you to avoid combined bets, and to prefer single bets which are more likely to pass. Of course, these are bets that you must absolutely analyze, so that they are as safe as possible.


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