How to win big on slot machines

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win big on slot machines

The simple answer to this question is – you have to bet big to win big. If you want to increase your chances of winning really big, however, you need to push the variance of your strategy up considerably.

Somewhat paradoxically, the most effective way to WIN BIG is to lose as quickly as possible. Doesn’t sound very wise, does it? Let me explain.

Statistically (over time), you lose money with every bet you place. That’s how RTP works. If you want to lose less money over time, you need to minimize your total bet amount. To minimize your total bet amount, lose your gaming budget with as few bets as possible. If you do that and the game’s RTP remains unchanged, the stats give you a better chance of landing a big win.

Game strategies for slot machines

strategies for slot machines

Now to what I like most about the Casino Guru website. Slot game math is really my big passion and some of the strategies below were invented by me, completely independent of strategies published on other websites. I have tested all of them with my own software for simulations on backward developed slot machines. Every share is appreciated :).

But before we go through the specific strategies, let’s first touch on what makes a strategy good. The really useful game strategies are really about finding the balance between the following factors:

  • Chance to win
  • Size of profits
  • Cost
  • Voltage
  • Game time

All players have their own preferences, so there is no one-size-fits-all ideal strategy. Below I go over my strategies, each suited to different types of players. It is up to you to find the strategy that suits you.

At first glance, slot machines seem to be 100% about luck. And it really is, at least when we’re talking about a single game round. However, this does not mean that you cannot influence your chances by choosing the right betting strategy and the right game to play.

Here is a list of factors that define your slot game strategy:

  • How to determine bet size
  • Decide when to quit
  • Choice of slot machine
  • Decide when to use the gamble feature (red or black)
  • Selected number of paylines

In the rest of this article, I’ll teach you how to use the factors above to play slots more effectively.


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