“Smart gambler” – reach target profit via gamble features

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Smart gambler

Variance: varying

RTP: Very high (up to 96%)

Playing time: Varies

Smart gambler is my favorite slot strategy. I’ve named it after the ‘gamble’ button, which gives you a 50% chance of doubling your winnings.

The basic idea of the “Smart gambler” strategy is as follows:

"Smart gambler" strategy

You spin with very small bets. When you land a winning combination, you start doubling the win with the “gamble” button. You keep doubling until you either miss and lose, or until you win a large amount that you are happy to withdraw and then stop playing.

The “smart gambler” strategy is almost optimal. It has very high RTP, while allowing you to choose the win size and how long you will be able to play with your budget.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply the Smart gambler strategy:

step-by-step guide

Choose a slot machine that has a gamble feature.

Decide how long you want to play. Divide this time by the time of an average game round and you get an approximate number of game rounds.


You want to play for 1 hour = 60 x 60 = 3,600 seconds. If a game round takes about 4 seconds, that means you want to play 3,600 / 4 = 900 game rounds.

Check your budget and divide it by the number of game rounds you arrived at in the previous step. If your budget is SEK 1,000, that means SEK 1,000 / 900 = SEK 1.11. Your starting bet for each game round is SEK 1 (closest possible amount).

Decide the amount of money you want to win. Remember this sum or write it down.

Start playing with the calculated starting bet (SEK 1 in this case).

If you win, use the gamble button. Double until:

You win enough (target win). Withdraw the money, leave the casino and celebrate.

You lose the game round.

The game does not allow you to double further.

Some games have limits on how many consecutive times you can double. If you end up with a win that is lower than your target win, you will be forced to continue playing in a different way. These are your options:

Take the entire winnings and put it as a bet in roulette. Choose a bet type that will give you the amount of money you want to win (your target win) if you win.

Take the entire winnings and play a spin with a large bet. If you win, return to step 6 (double until satisfied).

Some additional tips:

If your chosen game has a maximum doubling limit, I recommend that you increase the variance of the game by playing with only one payline (while maintaining the total bet). With this strategy, you will avoid low initial profits that cannot be doubled up to your target profit.

If you have a very small budget, you can even bet on a payline for SEK 0.10. With my “Smart Gambler” strategy and a fair amount of luck, you can still win big.

Playing slot machines is not a competition. You can play faster with a lower basic bet or enjoy a spin a little longer with higher basic bets. It is up to you.

Now you’re probably wondering how this strategy stacks up in terms of RTP.

It stands up very well!

Here is the explanation. You only make two types of bets. The initial spin costs you statistically 100% minus the game’s RTP. If a game’s RTP is 96%, it means that the initial spin only costs you:

100% – 96% = 4% of the bet

It’s only SEK 40 for a game session that lasts over an hour with a budget of SEK 1,000 and a basic bet of SEK 1. The probability of winning on a flat or double bet is 50%, giving it an RTP of 100%. In other words, the cash or double bet costs you nothing in the long term.

Note that this betting system still does not guarantee that you will win, but rather gives you a fair chance.


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